Independent journalist detained for taking photos

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov. 20 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra, Hablemos Press / - Independent journalist Aini Martín says she was detained last week as she took photos of a policeman seizing merchandise from an elderly street vendor.

Martín, who belongs to the Agencia Libre Asociada independent journalists group, said she was walking down Zanja Street in central Havana Nov. 10 when she saw the policeman take soap, toothpaste and cigarettes from the vendor.

“The man threw a punch at the policeman and at that instant I took the photo without realizing that two officers were observing me,” she said.

The journalist was taken to the district police station where she was questioned by a State Security agent who had once before interrogated her. She was released after four hours and her camera was returned. When she tried to use it, she said she realized the police had broken it.