Ex-political prisoner threatened with seizure of his farm

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 30 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra, Hablemos Press / – Former political prisoner Ángel Frómeta was ordered to appear in court Monday to prove that the 125 acres he inherited from his father legally belong to him.

A commission from the Agriculture Ministry recently visited his farm and threatened to confiscate it until he produced a title. When he refused, he was cited to appear.

“I told them that I am an independent farmer from Santiago de Cuba who belongs to a cooperative and whose land was inherited from his father, so they’re mine,” he said.

“They insulted me to provoke me,” he said. “I told them that if they had a document authorizing the confiscation of my land, to show it to me, but they didn’t reply.”

Frómeta grows plantains, coconuts, mango, beans and tomatoes on his land.

Dissident imprisoned for street fight

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 30 (Tania Maceda Guerra, – Dissident José Rolando Cásares Soto has started a 15-month sentence in the Kilo 5 ½ prison in Pinar del Río because of a fight in the street.

Cásares Soto said he was walking down the street on Aug. 25, 2008, when he someone punched him and he retaliated. Agents from State Security and the National Police arrested him on charges of causing bodily harm.

Cásares Soto is a member of the Cuban Human Rights Foundation and the Circle of Democratic Municipalities.

Dissidents detained for asking about a jailed colleague

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 30 (Ana Aguililla Saladrigas , – Dissident José Candelario Muñoz Suárez says he was detained by political police on Monday when he inquired about the whereabouts of colleague Mario Olivera.

Muñoz Suárez said he and Ricardo Barreto Fuentes went to Section 21 of State Security to ask about Olivera, who had been detained by police and whose family was not informed.

Muñoz Suárez, a member of the November 30 Party, and Barreto Fuentes, a delegate of the Andrei Sajarov Human Rights Party, were taken to separate police and questioned for several hours.

Police detain dissident taking medicine to his wife

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 30 de octubre, (Ana Aguililla Saladrigas , – Dissident Ricardo Vega Murillo was detained by police when he tried to deliver medicine and clothes to his wife, who’s participating in a protest in the home of ex-political prisoner Vladimiro Roca Antúnez.

Police examined the goods Vega was bringing for his wife, Elizabeth de Regla Alonso Castellanos, and then took him to the police station.

Police have surrounded the home of Roca Antúnez for several weeks. He heads the independent Cuban Social-Democratic Party and is a winner of the European Union’s Sakharov Prize.