Several dozen “deported” to Santiago

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 14 (Katia Sonia Martín Véliz, – Dissident Alexander Cala Reyes says he and a group of others were taken under guard to Santiago de Cuba because the police had said they were living illegally in Havana.

Cala Reyes said he was stopped on a street in Havana on Oct. 10 by members of the national police who asked for his identity card. He said he was taken to jail when they saw his address as being in Santiago.

To no avail, Cala Reyes told the police he had requested a change of address to Havana so that he could live with his wife, who had moved to the capital.

He said he and several dozen others, who had also been picked up by police, were accompanied by police on the train to Santiago.

Those from the interior who wish to visit Havana for more than three days need special permission from the government.

Shortage of fuel stops biscuit production HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 14 (Adolfo Pablo Borrazá Chaple, – Some 250 workers at the Gilda biscuit factory in the Boyeros district have been left idle because there’s no fuel to power the equipment.

Sources said there has been a delay in the delivery of oil to the factory.

Biscuits are popular because they can be purchased at a reduced price on the food ration books.