Típico Viejo prison under quarantine

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 12 (Víctor Manuel León, Hablemos Press / - The Típico Viejo prison in the province of Las Tunas has been put under quarantine because of an epidemic of conjunctivitis, an eye infection, that affects 30 percent of the prison polulation, according to political prisoner Alfredo Domínguez.

"The risk of contamination is great because the sanitary measures required of an epidemic have not been taken,” Domínguez said.

There are currently 2,000 prisoners in the prison.

Trial of dissident suspended

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct. 12 (Aini Martín Valero, ALAS, – Dissident Ernesto Mederos Arrosarena has been detained since August 4 in the Agüica prison pending trial on charges of disrespect.

Frank Reyes, president of the Opposition Municipality of Santa Cruz organization, said Mederos was to have been tried Oct. 7.

Some 20 dissidents showed up outside the courthouse in a show of support for Mederos, but the trial was suspended, Reyes said.