Carriage driver beaten by police

PLACETAS, Cuba, Oct. 7 (Donaida Pérez, Laureles Press / – Carriage driver Jorge Onelio Acosta says he was beaten by police and called a homosexual when his horse came in contact with a young boy last week.

Acosta Pérez said the incident occurred September 28 in front of the municipal hospital in Placetas as he tried to rein in the horse and prevent injury to the boy.

He said police beat him as nurses from the hospital attended to the boy.

“They put me in patrol car number 272 and dropped me off three blocks later,” he said.

The carriage driver said the police called him an associate of former political prisoner Jorge Luis García Pérez, known as Antúnez, who’s coordinator of the Pedro Luis Boitel Prisoners Movement. Antúnez, a native of Placetas, spent 17 years in various prisons for his anti-government activities.