State Security agents beat dissident

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 30 (Álvaro Yero / – Ernesto Rafael Mena, an ex-political prisoner and president of opposition Democratic Youth organization, says several State Security agents spotted him on the street last week and got out of their patrol car and beat him up.

Mena said the agents beat him in the face, back and ribs and left him in public view. Passersby took him to the Julio Trigo Hospital.

Mena was sentenced to four years in prison in 2003.

Dr. Darsi Ferrer denied medical treatment

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 30 (Yusnaimy Jorge Soca, - Human rights activist Dr. Darsi Ferrer says he is being denied medical treatment in jail.

Darsi, a medical doctor, said from his cell that he is suffering from an oral infection and a metabolic problem that impedes the absorption of calcium.

Lt. Col. Julio Perera Ferrer, director of the Valle Grande jail, said the facility lacks the specialists and budget to treat Ferrer’s problems.

Before he was jailed in last month on charges of buying cement on the black market, Ferrer tried to get a visa on humanitarian grounds so he could travel to Spain for promised treatment.

.charged in Antes de ser encarcelado, Darsi estaba realizando gestiones para ir a España, por visa humanitaria, para recibir tratamiento gratuito ofrecido por un odontólogo español, quien asumiría el costo del viaje, el tratamiento y la estancia.

Darsi Ferrer, who was arrested last month on charges of buying bags of cement on the black market.

Authorities crack down on gay activists

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 30 (Aliomar Janjaque Chivaz, –The organizers of a planned Mr. Gay Cuba contest say they are facing government opposition to thwart the event.

Committee members said police raided the home of Mario José Delgado González , vice president of the Reinaldo Arenas Memorial Foundation, one of the organizers, and broke up a meeting and seized equipment.

Delgado González and a medical student named Rafael, who recently won the Mr. Gay Havana contest, were expelled from the University of Havana.

Police also arrested Henri Solís, 27, an artistic education professor and gay rights activist