Dissidents blamed for knifing

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 21(Álvaro Yero / – A block committee member told police he was knifed by dissidents when he tried to stop them from putting up anti-government posters in the Arroyo Naranjo district of Havana.

However, residents in the area told this reporter that the posters were put up by persons with hoods over their faces and that there was no incident at the time.

The block committee member was taken to the Julián Grimau clinic with knife wounds.

“Counterrevolutionaries attacked with a knife a member of the Defense Committees who tried to stop a counterrevolutionary act,” said a police officer.

The dissidents were not detained.

Anti-government signs painted in 3 districts

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 21 (Leáfar Pérez, – Signs saying “Down with Raúl” and “We’re hungry” were painted on walls in the districts of Puentes Grandes, San Leopoldo and Husillo
Caballo in Havana last week.

Police immediately quickly on the areas and tried to paint over the signs before anyone could see them.

“They wouldn’t let us get close to the places that were painted,” said neighborhood resident Edilberto Rodríguez of the September 14 act. “The police were rude and told us to move on as there was nothing to see.”

“People are upset over the hunger there is here,” he said. “Raúl Castro promised a lot but things are worse than when Fidel was around.”

Swine flu prompts quarantine in town of Colón

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 21 (Leafar Pérez, – A quarantine has been imposed in the Matanzas town of Colón where three persons, one a pregnant woman, have died of swine flu, according to reliable sources.

Doctors from the Tropical Medicine Institute have been seen making rounds in the town.

One evangelical minister told his Sunday congregation to pray for those in Colón he said were suffering from the virus.

The first swine flu cases in Cuba were of three Mexican students living in nearby residences housing hundreds of Latin American students.