Dissident parolee returned to prison

CAMAGŰEY,Cuba, Sept. 17 (Doralis Álvarez / – Dissident Yoel Marín, who had been free on parole, was reimprisoned on charges he was promoting the overthrow of the government.

Marín’s brother, Rubén, said Yoel was picked up by State Security agents on August 6 after walking through the streets of Las Mercedes with signs calling for the a change of government and abolition of the rationing book.

Days earlier he was expelled from the agricultural cooperative where he worked after demanding higher wages for workers.

After State Security withdrew his parole, he was sent to Camagüey’s Cerámica Roja prison.

Human rights advocate charged with hoarding

GRANMA, Cuba, Sept. 17 (Tania Maceda / – Human rights advocate Alexander Santiesteban faces trial on charges of hoarding, according to fellow dissident Enrique Piñeiro.

A State Security search of Santiestaben’s home had turned up 30 pounds of fish which he said for consumption by his family and 70 pounds he said was for pig feed.

Piñeiro, also a human rights activist, said State Security threatened Santiesteban with a four-year prison sentence. He said the accused was also told he had to stop distributing “subversive” propaganda.