Dissident sentenced to one year imprisonment

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 15 (Manuel Guerra / – A municipal court has sentenced dissident Arnaldo Herrera to one year in prison on charges he was responsible for anti-government signs put up near his home.

Herrera’s lawyer, Ricardo Paneca, said his client was given the maximum sentence under Article 144.1 of the penal code that applies to disrespect.

Herrera, vicepresident of the opposition Committee for the Aid of Political Prisoners, was arrested September 1 and tried September 9 in the municipal court of Arroyo Naranjo in Havana.

Government seeks figures on unemployment and prostitution

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 15 (Aini Martín Valero, ALAS / ) – The government’s Technical Investigation Department is compiling information from Havana’s block committees to determine the level of unemployment and the number of prostitutes in the capital, according to sources.

The source, who is located in the municipality of Regla and Guanabacoa, said the government will use the results of the survey to determine if rationing books should be withdrawn from some families