Electrical worker shocked by high-voltage line

HAVANA, Cuba, September 8 (Ana Aguililla / – A linesman from the Cuban Electrical Company was shocked after he accidentally touched a high-voltage line in Santa Fe, outside of Havana last Wednesday.

The man was working on top of a post when he accidentally touched the primary, which left him with serious burns but alive.

Dangerous Prisoner Missing

HAVANA, Cuba, September 8 (Ana Aguililla / – Political police and officers from the National Directorate of Prisons are looking for Jorge Luis Fleites, who recently went missing from the Combinado del Este prison outside Havana.Fleites, also known as the “firebug,” is originally from the small community of Santa Fe west of Havana and is considered very dangerous.He was in prison after being convicted of burning down an appliance store and of murdering two security guards at the “Niña Bonita” dairy.This is not the first time Fleites goes missing from prison.