Investigators seek 70 tons of missing powdered milk

HAVANA, Cuba, August 28 (Jaime Leygonier / – Interior Ministry investigators are trying to determine what happened to 70 tons of powdered milk missing from warehouses, according to port workers in Havana.

The disappearance comes several months after the dismantling of a gang that sold powdered milk on the black market in the city, raising fears that the gang has been reestablished.

"We’re afraid that we port workers now are going to be made the scapegoats,” said one worker.

“A stevedore or a guard might steal a bit of milk for his children or a sack to sell, but the supplying a black market in a city of three million inhabitants like Havana is impossible by small robberies and requires millionaire thefts at high levels of the government,” he added.

Boy probably dropped from baseball team because of uncle’s politics

HAVANA, Cuba, August 28 (Frank Correa / - The dropping of a player from Cuba’s infantile baseball team on the eve of a tournament in Venezuela has led to speculation the action was taken because the boy’s uncle is a former political prisoner.

Jordan Maldonado, aged 10, is the regular pitcher on his home team, but he can also catch and play first and third base. Those who know him say he hits for a high average.

His uncle, Medardo Maldonado, is a member of the Cuban Liberal Movement. It was not immediately known when and for how long his prison sentence was for acts considered anti-government.