Activists pay in pesos in hard currency restaurant

HAVANA, Cuba, August 26 (Julio Beltrán, ALAS / – Activists from the “Pay with the Same Money” campaign ate at a foreign currency restaurant in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality and insisted on paying their bill in Cuban pesos.

“With this action we’re demanding from the government the right to use the same currency with which workers are paid,” said Georgina Noa, a delegate of the Latin American Rural Women’s Federation (FLAMUR), which has been sponsoring the campaign.

When the bill in foreign currency was presented, they gave the cashier Cuban pesos. FLAMUR members have used the same tactic several times in the last few months.

I.D. needed to purchase fresh fish

HAVANA, Cuba, August 26 (Georgina Noa, Red de Comunicadores / – Butcher shops in the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo have been demanding the presentation of identity cards to those wanting to buy fish, according to one customer.

“It’s the limit when you have to bring an identity card when you want to buy fish,” said customer Juana Alfonso. “At any moment we’ll have to present an authorization from the police to buy it.”

Single mother unable to repair her damaged home

HAVANA, Cuba, August 26 (Fidel Mojena, Red de Comunicadores / - Rosa Felicia González, whose roof was damaged last year by Hurricane Charles, says she has been told that she has to be a member in good standing of the Committee to Defend the Revolution in order to be able to buy construction material.

González said she has repeatedly complained to Dinorah Acosta, the committee delegate in her neighborhood, about the problem of repairing her roof.

“When Hurricane Charles came, it destroyed the roof of my house and no one looked after my needs, even though they knew I had a three-year-old son,” González said. “My life has been Hell because the communists only look after those who cooperate with the government.”