State Security orders postal employee fired

HAVANA, Cuba, August 25 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra, Hablemos Press / – Postal employee Rosario Morales says she lost her job last week on orders of State Security because she associated with a dissident group.

Raúl Ortega, manager of the Villa Clara post office, told her she was being fired because of her association with the Committee for Racial Integration. He said the decision was made by State Security.

“I was fired because they didn’t think I trustworthy and because I associated with an opposition group,” she said.

7 women imprisoned for prostitution

HAVANA, Cuba, August 25 (Aini Martín Valero, ALAS , – Seven young women were given prison sentences of two to four years last week, accused of pestering tourists, a euphemism for prostitution.

According to friends of the women, they were arrested in various Havana night clubs where they were accompanied by foreign tourists.

Their mass trial was held August 21 in the Regla district.