Independent journalist detained by State Security agents

HAVANA, Cuba, August 24 (Yudelmis Fonseca Rondón, – Independent journalist Ismary Salomón Carcasés says she was detained last week by two State Security agents who questioned her for three hours in an “extremely cold” room at police headquarters.

Salomón Carcasés said she was leaving the offices of the College of Independent Teachers of Cuba at 7:30 PM August 19 whens he was detained by agents named Ricardo and Omar. She said two magazines she carried were seized, Disidente and Misceláneas de Cuba.

She said the two agents told her she would be prevented from accompanying dissident Segundo Rey Cabrera González to Matanzas province to support the family of political prisoner Ariel Sigler Amaya, who has been in a prison hopsital for the past two months. He’s serving a 20-year prison sentence.

Prisoner writes “Down with Fidel” with his excrement

HAVANA, Cuba, August 24 (Tania Maceda Guerra, – Political prisoner Aurelio Antonio Morales Ayala says he used his own excrement to wrote “Down with Fidel” on the wall of the solitary confinement cell where he’d been held for over two weeks.

Morales Ayala, a member of the Cuban Foundation for Human Rights, was then at the Potosí prison in las Tunas province. He told of the incident in a telephone call after being transferred to the Típico Viejo de las Tunas.

He said that he slept on the bare floor “among the rats and cockroaches” in the solitary confinement cell.

He is serving a two-year and nine-month sentence for civil disobedience.