Crowd forces police to free detained woman

HAVANA, Cuba, August 19 (Leafar Pérez / – Neighbors fought police agents and threw fruit at them to prevent the arrest of a 60-year-old woman at a public market in the 10 de Octubre municipality.

Pedro Moisés Calderín, an eyewitness, said two police agents pushed the woman by the head as they tried to get her into their patrol car. He said she had recently been operated on for a facial tumor, so those knew her starting attacking the policemen.

“Suddenly three patrol cars arrived, but the pople didn’t stop,” he said. “They threw mangos, bananas, anything they could get ahold of. The crowd grew until there were about 100 people shouting at the police.”

He said it took the presence of a high official of the Interior Ministry to calm the crowd.

The police did not take the woman. It was not known why they wanted to arrest her.