Dissidents fined when ID returned

HAVANA, Cuba, August 11 (Ana Aguililla / – Brothers William and Eddy Rodríguez of the dissident February 24 Movement were fined 30 pesos each, the equivalent of nearly a month’s average salary, when they picked up their indemnity cards, which had been seized by police last week.

The brothers were detained by police August 5 in San José de Las Lajas in Havana province. They were released the same day but their identity cards weren’t returned.

The police orders them to return to the police station where the cards were handed back. No explanation was given for the fines.

Activist detained and threatened

HAVANA, Cuba, August 11 (Ana Aguililla / - Luis González, delegate of the Pro Human Rights Party in Havana province, was arrested when he arrived at the home of a fellow dissident.

The home of Ángel Polanco, a veteran pacifist, was surrounded by police when González arrived.

González was taken to the police station where he was obliged to remaining standing up during the two hours he was held.

Upon his release, he said he was told by a police official that he will be put on trial if he continued to associate with Polanco.