Dissident doctor on hunger strike

Dissident doctor on hunger strike

HAVANA, Cuba, July 27 (Leafar Pérez, - Yusnaimy Jorge Soca says her husband, dissident medical doctor Darsi Ferrer Ramírez, has been on a hunger strike since his arrest July 31.

Ferrer, director of the Juan Bruno Zayas Health and Human Rights Center, has been held without charge at the Valle Grande prison.

According to his wife, police said her husband had not been arrested but was being held for questioning about events that occurred July 9, when agents broke down the door to his home and removed two sacks of cement.

For the past few years, Ferrer has been a main organizer of a protest march every December 10 in front of the UNESCO headquarters in Havana. He has also been involved in publications denouncing poverty in Cuba.

Independent journalist detained in cemetery

HAVANA, Cuba, July 27 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez, CHIPRESS, ) – State Security agents detained independent journalist Carlos Serpa Maceira last week as he was taking photographs of the grave of Pedro Luis Boitel, a student leader who died in prison in 1972 following a hunger strike.

Serpa said he was held for two hours during which time his head was slammed against the floor and his camera, tape recorder and notebook confiscated.

Detained with Serpa were Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez), Iris Tamara Pérez Aguilera and Carlos Cordero who were among human rights activists taking part in an activity of the We’re All the Resistance Campaign (Campaña Todos Somos Resistencia). Their whereabouts was unknown.

Serpa said the State Security agents advised him to practice his journalism at home and not to cover future civil disobediences activities.

Serving a 30-year sentence for stealing a cow

HAVANA, Cuba, July 27 (Magaly Norvis Otero Suárez / CIHPRESS, ) - Juan Sánchez Ruiz, 58, claims he has served 19 years of a 30-year prison sentence for rustling and slaughtering a cow.

Sánchez Ruiz has spent the last five years in a prison medical unit after suffering three heart attacks.

“I was tried in the Pinar del Río Provincial Court and found guilty of the crime of stealing a cow and sacrificing it and sentenced to 30 years in prison,” he said. “I only killed a cow and I did it to feed my family. I didn’t plant a bomb.”

Sánchez Ruiz is trying to obtain his release on health grounds.