Dissident arrested in Guantánamo

HAVANA, Cuba, July 22 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra, Hablemos Press / - Yoel Sevila, a member of the Cuban Youth for Democracy Movement, was arrested in Guantánamo last week by police, according to the group’s spokesperson, Jorge Corrales.

Corrales said that sources close to the police said that Sevila’s name was one of eight on a list of dissidents to be arrested, but that there are no known cases of arrests. Sevila was arrested July 14.

“Several policemen showed up at Yoel’s house on Oeste 7 corner of Emilio Giró in Guantánamo and took him away,” said Corrales.

Sports employee sentenced for helping baseball agents

HAVANA, Cuba, July 22 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra / - Olga Lidia Ramírez, 44, who worked at the Sports Academy, has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment for allegedly trying to help baseball agents to get players out of the country.

She was detained by police and placed in the psychiatric wing of the Julito Díaz clinic after allegedly trying to commit suicide July 17. She allegedly threw herself under a truck after a court ratified her sentence.

“The No. 2 Tribunal condemned me for the imaginary crime which I didn’t commit of trafficking in people,” she told this reporter.