Independent journalist threatened with prison

HABANA, Cuba, July 16 (Georgina Noa / – Police detained independent journalist Julio Beltrán last week as he was walking on a Havana street and threatened him with a prison sentence if he kept reporting on life in Cuba.

“We have an open file on you and this is your last warning,” a police official told him.”We’re not going to permit any more counterrevolutionary acts from you, nor allow terrorist elements to meet in your house.”

He was threatened with charges under the “social danger law” that carries a prison sentence of four years.

Independent journalist receives award

HAVANA, Cuba, July 16 (Ana Aguililla / – Independent journalist Frank Correa has received a prize for essay writing sponsored by, among others, the UNESCO Cultural Center in Puerto Rico.

The prize is given for the best essay on the subject of liberalism in Cuba. Besides UNESCO, the sponsors were the Cuban Liberal Unity Party, Disidente magazine and el Centro Empresarial de Impermeabilización del Caribe.

This was the second time the prize has been awarded. He was given a medal by the UNESCO center.

Frank Correa is a press officer of the Cuban Liberal Unity Party and belongs to the Agenda for Cuban Transition, an independent journalism organization.