Rotten eggs thrown against journalist’s home

HOLGUÍN, Cuba, July 15 (José Ramón Pupo / - The front of the home of independent journalist Yesmy Elena Mena in Santa Clara was hit by rotten eggs thrown by unknown persons.

Said Mena, “Behind this act of vandalism against my home are the hands of the political police who want to frighten the defenders of human rights.”

Mena said her neighbors called the act cowardly.

Pacifist receives death threats

HOLGUÍN, Cuba, July 15 (José Ramón Pupo / – Pacifist Reinaldo Rivera, a resident of Banes in Holguín province, has been threatened with death, according to Arnaldo Expósito, president of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Democratic Committee.

Expósito said the deaths threats originated with Rivera’s co-workers at the Institute of National Sport.

Said one of Rivera’s neighbors, “The conflict was orchestrate by the p[political police who use this type of threat against us when they see they’ve lost the battle of ideas.”

Rivera is director of the José Martí independent library and a member of Expósito’s Democratic Committee.

Police stop entry to U.N. AIDS activity

HAVANA, Cuba, July 15 (Aliomar Janjaque, Fundación cubana LGTB Reinaldo Arenas / – Police agents arrested 19 young homosexuals who tried to attend a weekend of an AIDS prevent group held in the basement of the Capital building, according to a gay and lesbian group.

The Reinaldo Arenas Cuban Foundation of Lesbians, Gays, Transvestites and Bisexuals said the police also deported eight youths to their hometowns in the interior.

The foundation said the activity was sponsored by a United Nations AIDS and HIV awareness group.