Police carry out arrests of youths in Havana

HAVANA, Cuba, June 1 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra / – The National Police Force staged a series of raids last week in the capital, arresting dozens of youths, among them homosexuals and prostitutes.

The police asked for indentify cards from those walking around in places such as Vedado and the Malecón. Some of those stopped were taken to police stations for questioning.

"These raids take place almost daily against young blacks, whites and Orientals,” said Oswaldo Paya, leader of the Christian Liberation Movement.

Protestant evangelical pastors harassed and arrested

HAVANA, Cuba, June 1 (Juan Carlos González / – Various protestant preachers were arrested last week in the province of Las Tunas y Camagüey and threatened with jail on charges of being a “social danger,” to society, said one of them, Luis Yoel Barbuena.

Barbuena said the police chief in the area where he lives came several times to his home and told him he could be jailed for four years for evangelizing and using audio equipment without a license. He said he preaches in his own home, not in a church.

He said Pastor Bernardo de Quesada and his wife, Damaris Machín, were arrested on the highway to Santa Cruz del Sur when they tried to go to Camagüey for the trial of a dissident.

Pastors Tomasa Victoria Ayala and Jorge Zellero said they lost their livelihood when police closed the carpenter shop which they operated on their own.

Subsidized food quotas top be reduced

HAVANA, Cuba, June 1 (Laritza Diversent, –The government is reducing the quantity of food available at subsidized prices under rationing books.

The quota for black beans, currently 10 ounces per person per month, will be cut to five.

The quota for salt will go from 333 grams per month to 174.