Series of arrests of dissidents in Baracoa

HAVANA, Cuba, May 12 (Tania Maceda / - State Security agents have been arresting dissidents following raids on their homes in Baracoa, Guantánamo province.

The latest detentions were those of Keiber Rodríguez and Rolando Rodríguez and Rodríguez’s brother Néstor. They were taken to the Centro de Instrucción Policial de Guantánamo.

On May 1, dissidents Roberto González and Francisco Luis Manzané were arrested at their homes, according to human rights activist Carlos Manuel Hernández.

Keiber Rodríguez is a president of the Juan Pablo II Liberation and Reconciliation Movement. Néstor and Rolando Rodríguez are leaders of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democrcy.

All those detained have been released, but police did not return three cell phones and a computer taken from Rolando Rodríguez’s home.

Campaign against foreign currency establishments continues

HAVANA, Cuba, May 12 (Georgina Noa / – Members of the Latin American Federation of Rural Women are continuing their campaign to be able to pay with Cuban pesos in hard currency establishments.

Their “With the Same Currency” (Con la misma moneda) campaign has been operating from east to west in Cuba. The latest target was the Conejito restaurant in Havana’s Vedado district where three men, Fernando Lezcano, Reinier Montano and Victor Alejandro Rodríguez, tried to pay the bill with pesos.

Rodríguez was arrested and held for two hours. He was warned he’d be charged with deceptive practices in the future.

Activists jailed in Havana

HAVANA, Cuba, May 12 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra / – A group of activists belonging to the February 24 Movement has been arrested in Havana, according to relatives.

Among those arrested were Adeley Álvarez, Omara Álvarez, René Ramón González, Lázaro Martín Souto, Dagoberto Berger, Norberto León Batista, Efraín Ortiz and Juan Guillermo Rosales.

The arrests followed a meeting in Mantilla at the home of Alfredo Fernández, president of the November 30 Movement, where it was agreed to hold a workshop on freedom and democracy.

Activist starts hunger strike because of harassment

HOLGUÍN, Cuba, May 12 (Juan Carlos Reyes, Holguín Press / - Former political prisoner Lorenzo García says he started a hunger strike May 5 because of police harassment.

According to García, since the beginning of the year police have been stopping him, citing him and preventing his free movement.

García reached his limit at 1 a.m. on May 5 when a police agent threatened to return him to prison.