Children of independent journalist threatened

HAVANA, Cuba, May 11 (Ana Aguililla Saladrigas, – Political police agents paid a visit to independent journalist Ainí Martín Valero Saturday night during which they hinted something might happen to his young children if he kept up his dissident activities.

Martín Valero said the agents questioned him about his frequent presence at meetings of the Liberal Unit of the Republic of Cuba (Unidad Liberal de la República de Cuba). He said he told them as a journalist he has the right to go to places of professional interest for his work.

He said they suggested in a menacing manner that he keep away from the group and that he could be sentenced to four years in prison if he didn’t. Then the “reminded” him he had two minor children, a threat as other independent journalists have been told their children might be taken away from t hem and placed in institutions for the incorrigible.