Jailed for transporting 10 liters of milk

HAVANA, Cuba, May 8 (Reinaldo Cosano, Sindical Press / - Leonel Pérez Fonseca, 33, spent two days in jail in Loma del Tanque, Alamar, for transporting 10 liters of milk.

“They questioned me at the police station about where the milk came from,” Pérez said. “I told the officer but he didn’t believe me. They threatened to charge me with the transportation and illegal sale of milk”

Pérez was released after his wife asked farmer René Alfonso, the 80-year-old owner of the seven cows and two goats that provided the milk, to clear her husband of any wrongdoing. Alfonso told police the milk was for family consumption.

Lifeguard arrested for allegedly renting umbrellas

HAVANA, Cuba, May 8 (Reinaldo Cosano, Sindical Press / – Lifeguard Justo Sánchez, 30, was detained by police this week for allegedly renting umbrellas to tourists at Guanabo Beach.

The charge was dropped on Monday when a search of Sánchez revealed he carried no money and no tourists were at the beach at the time of his detention. Nor were any witnesses to an illegal transaction located.

Sánchez is a member of the Free Union of Workers in Cuba (CONIC).

Sánchez’s grandfather, Bernardino Izquierdo, suggested political motives behind the arrest.

Prayers banned at funeral homes

HOLGUÍN, Cuba, May 8 (Yosvani Anzardo / – Funeral home operators say the government has prohibited prayers or any religious act at funerals.

According to the operators, the prohibition is contained in decree that makes no religious distinctions. They say that non-religious observations, such as from brotherhoods, are not permitted either.

“This measure is a new attack on freedom to worship,” said one mourner.