Gas costs US$4.16 a gallon in Cuba

The price of gasoline in Cuba remains at the equivalent of US$4.16 a gallon, a little less than half the monthly salary of the average Cuban.

The government had decreed a price increase following Hurricane Ike last year on grounds that prices were going up worldwide.

Dissident barred from leaving his municipality

HOLGUÍN, Cuba, May 5 (Yosvani Anzardo / – Activist Alejandro Antonio Cervantes was detained by police last week and threatened with a 20-year prison term if he continued anti-government activities.

Cervantes is the regional coordinator in Sibanicú, Camagüey province, of the Committee Against Unfair Treatment.

He said following his detention April 24 police prohibited him from leaving the municipality and said Law 88 would be applied if he continued his activities. An act of warning was issued.