Government interference of Radio Martí increases

HAVANA. Cuba, May 4 (Moisés Leonardo Rodríguez / - Listeners of Radio Martí in the Mariel municipality of Havana say the government is interfering with the signal 24 hours a day for the first time.

Various listeners throughout the area said the signal had been received with no or little interference until the end of last year.

A man named Rafael, a constant listener to the U.S. government station, said, “They only lessen the interference when there’s a major league baseball game is being broadcast. If it’s broadcasting news or hot commentary it’s impossible to receive the signal. It’s as if the radio is going to break because of the vibrations.”

A neighbor of Rafael’s nicknamed China said, “Wouldn’t it be better to use the money being wasted on interference to instead solve problems like the shortage of water, transportation, damage caused by hurricanes, the shortage of ambulances and other problems we face?”

Anti-Castro signs appear at university

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, May 4 (Guillermo Fariñas, Cubanacán Press / – Two anti-Castro signs appeared last week on the campus of the Universidad de Ciencias Informáticas (UCI) in Villa Clara.

The signs written by hand were in front of computer rooms on the first and second floors. One said, “Down with the dictatorship of the Castro brothers,” and the other said, “No to the Castro family dynasty.”

Agents from the Interior ministry questioned faculty, students and service workers April 26.