Dissident detained and threatened

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, May 11 (Licet Zamora, Cubanacán Press / - Léster Sánchez, press coordinator for the Democratic Solidarity Party, was detained Monday by State Security after meeting with three former political prisoners.

Sánchez said he believed his detention was a result of having met the previous day with Guillermo Fariñas, Jorge Luís Artiles and Osvaldo Ricardo Díaz.

He was detained at the home of his maternal grandmother by Yuniel Monteagudo of the Department Against Subversive Enemy Activity.

“You’re from State Security and supposedly know everything,” he said he told Monteagudo. “Then find out why we met. I don’t have anything further to say.”

He said that when he was released he was told he could imprisoned if he continued his anti-government activities.