Prisoner who tried to divert passenger launch reported ill

HAVANA, Cuba, April 29 (Ana Aguililla / – The mother of Luis Campos says her son, serving a 25-year sentence for trying to divert a passenger launch to the United States, is ill but refuses to go to the prison clinic with his hands manacled to his waist.

Gregoria Corrales said her son cannot keep down food, has dizzy spells and blurred vision. She says he refuses to go to the clinic because he would be humiliated before other prisoners if he were manacled.

Campos has served 15 years of his sentence for trying to divert the Havana-Regla launch.

Flyers demanding improved conditions appear in prison

GUANTÁNAMO, Cuba, April 29 (Engor Díaz / – Flyers demanding better treatment for prisoners appeared last week in the Combinado de Guantánamo prison, according to one of the inmates.

Rolando Mazo, a common prisoner, said in a telephone call that troops were brought to the prison April 23 and that several prisoners were taken to isolation cells to be questioned by political police.

Police were said to believe that political prisoners Yordis García and Yordis Fuentes were behind the distribution of the flyers.

He said the flyers demanded an improvement in medical attention and the supply of medicines and better telephone communication.

Political prisoner forced to sleep on floor due to overcrowding

GUANTANAMO, Cuba, April 29 (Engor Díaz / - Because of a shortage of space, political prisoner Julián Antonio Monés has been sleeping on the floor since his transfer to the Combinado de Guantánamo last week, according to an inmate.

“There aren’t a sufficient number of beds in the prison so they have people sleeping on the floor,” said Rolando Mazo, a common prisoner.

Monés, president of the Miguel Valdés Tamayo Human Rights Movement, was sentenced last year to three years in prison for anti-government activities.