Dissidents arrested near home of hunger striker

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, April 17 (Licet Zamora, Cubanacán Press / –Two dissidents were arrested while heading for the home of dissident Jorge Luis García Pérez, better known as Antúnez, who is on a hunger strike.

Amado Ruiz and Donaida Pérez Ruiz were 100 feet from Antúnez’s home in Placetas when they were stopped by two State Security agents.

According to Elia Rosa Moreno, Ruiz’s wife, the pair was charged with disrespect for authority.

Fined for buying bleach to barter for rice

RANCHUELO, Cuba, April 17 (Félix Reyes, Cubanacán Press / - A man was arrested and fined 200 pesos last week for hoarding 10 gallons of bleach.

Félix Mena had purchased the bleach April 13 in Santa Clara with the intention of bartering it for rice in Aguada de Pasajeros in Cienfuegos province.

Mena was stopped by a police patrol car and taken to the police station in Ranchuelo.

The fine was the equivalent of half a month’s average salary in Cuba.