Campaign against foreign currency establishments

HAVANA, Cuba, April 10 (Belinda Salas / - Magaly Norvis Otero, an activist of the Latin American Federation of Rural Women (FLAMUR), says she was threatened in her home this week by two political policemen because of her participation in a campaign against the forced use of foreign currencies.Norvis Otero said the policemen came Monday morning and warned her there would be serious consequences if she continued her campaign. “I told the officials that with our actions were demanding the right of all Cubans, including them, to pay in Cuban currency at all establishments in the country, and that there is a citizens’ petition to which the government has not given a reply,” she said.Along with seven other activists, Norvis Otero went to the Piropo resuarant April 1 where they insisted on paying in Cuban pesos and not a foreign currency, an action or whciht hey were fined. They refused to pay the fines.

Phone company can seize mobile phones HAVANA, Cuba, April 10 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez, Hablemos Press / – Dissident Segundo Rey Cabrera González says he was told by ETECSA, the telephone company, that a mobile phone service could be seized if used for immoral or anti-government purposes.Cabrera, president of the Cuban Human Rights Committee, said the warning was given to him and José Ramón Borges Serrano by an employee when they went to the phone company office in Sancti Spíritus. “The woman who attended top us in the office of ETECSA told us that the there is a clause in the contract for mobile phones that says when there is use that is ‘contrary to the morals, sovereignty or security of the Cuban state’ ETECSA can take back the phone,” Cabrera said.Police seized Cabrera’s phone when he went to Guantánamo and Santiago de Cuba provinces to promote civil society activities.

Independent union member threatened by police HAVANA, Cuba, April 10 (Reinaldo Cosano, Sindical Press / – Guillermo Antonio Figueredo , a member of the Victoria Independent Works Union in Las Tunas province, said State Security agent Jaime Matos detained, questioned and threatened him at police headquarters.Figueredo, 36, said he was threatened with the loss of his job and expulsion from university, where he is studying epidemiology, if he continued union activities.Figueredo is a health inspector with the Ministry of Public Health in the municipality of Manatí