Independent journalist said placed in solitary confinement

CAMAGUEY, Cuba, April 9 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra, – Imprisoned independent journalist Jorge Alberto Liriano Linares was placed in solitary confinement at the Cerámica Roja prison and beaten by guards, according to a telephone call made Wednesday by common prisoner Lázaro Molina.Molina said the guards had seized writings made by Liriano Linares of injustices occurring in the prison.Molina made the remarks to Centro de Información Hablemos Press (CIPRESS), one of the independent new agencies in Cuba.Liriano Linares has continued to smuggle his news reports out of the prison.

Human rights advocate on hunger strikeHAVANA, Cuba, April 9 (Juan Carlos González ( – Human rights defender Rey Cabrera says he is on a hunger strike at his home in an attempt to get authorities to return his cell phone and video camera and allow him free movement within Cuba.Cabrera, 45, sent out word that he has only taken a daily glass of water and no food for the past six days. He said State Security agents will have to remove his body from his home in Sancti Spiritus unless his demands are met.Cabrera, president of the Cuba Human Rights Committee, was arrested several times last month and had his phone and camera taken on one of the occasions.

Police prevent study group on constitution and penal codeHAVANA, Cuba, April 9 (Álvaro Yero / – State Security agents backed by police and rapid response brigades prevented human rights advocates from entering the home of former political prisoner Emilio Leyva for a study session last week.A total of 36 agents and police were stationed at street corners from 6:30 a.m. onwards April 2 to prevent anyone from reaching Leyva’s home.The purpose of the meeting was to attend a class given by Alfredo Vallín, president of the Cuban Juridical Association, on the constitution and penal code of Cuba.

Independent journalist prevent from attending activityHAVANA, Cuba, April 9 (Álvaro Yero / – Independent journalist Olienny Valladares says he was prevented from attending an activity associated with a Political Prisoner Congress held in Miami last week.Valladares said in a telephone interview that he was taken to a National Revolutionary Police station by the local chief and two other officers April 3. He said he was told he could not leave his home and to try and so would result in his imprisonment. He said a file was opened on him as a “danger to society” and he was threatened with a four-year prison term.