Foreign tourist raped and robbed in Havana

HAVANA, Cuba, April 8 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez, Hablemos Press / ) – A foreign tourist was raped and robbed last week by five men in Central Havana.

The tourist, whose nationality was not revealed, said she was walking on the street when the men approached and offered their services as guides. Upon rejecting their offer, the woman was dragged into the old Hotel Oregón, now used as a homeless shelter, where she was raped.

The woman reported the incident to police, telling them the men took her camera and cellphone, among other things.

An official source said that five men have been arrested and charged with rape and robbery of a foreign tourist.

The crime was not reported in the official news media.

Police carry out massive raid in Havana

HAVANA, Cuba, April 8 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez, Hablemos Press / - A massive raid by special police brigades was carried out last week in the Consejo de Colón municipality of Havana, presumably in a search for drugs or those using illegal parabolic antennas.

“I’ve never seen an operation of this breadth,” said Elio Delgado, who lives in the neighborhood. “The special troop agents carried big weapons and wore bullet-proof vests, helmets and military equipment never seen before. They were accompanied by dogs.”

Delgado said police during Friday’s raid arrested many persons who had been sanctioned by the courts or warned by police. Those detained were taken to the Dragones police station.

According to Delgado, residents said the agents were looking for drugs or illegal parabolic antennas used to capture TV signals from abroad.

Fined for paying for purchases in Cuban pesos

HAVANA, Cuba, April 8 (Belinda Salas / – Activists opposed to the use of two currencies are refusing to pay fines, according to Zoila Hernández, one of those fined by police.

Members of the Pay with the Same Money campaign ( Con la Misma Moneda), the activists on April 1 insisted on paying in Cuban pesos for goods bought in special stores that only accept foreign currency. They were fined 40 or 20 pesos each.

“We’re not committing any crime and we refuse to pay the fines,” said Hernández. “We’re only demanding the basic right of Cubans. We don’t want to live in our own country as second-class citizens.”

The campaign, promoted by the Latin American Federation of Rural Women (FLAMUR), demands the right to pay in pesos in all establishments.