Independent journalist beaten by State Security agents

HAVANA, Cuba, April 7 (Aini Martín, Agencia Libre Asociada / – Independent journalist Álvaro Yero says he was beaten on Sunday by State Security agents as he was going to a meeting of dissidents – and he has a bruised face and broken nose to prove it. Yero and two companions were approaching the home of Liviod Fernández when they were detained and taken away in three police cars. They were going to participate in activities associated with a congress of former political prisoners being held in the United States.

According to Yero, he was taken to an area adjoining Lenin Park where an unidentified official beat him up.

Student accused of anti-government activities

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, April 7 (Guillermo Fariñas, Cubanacán Press / – Polive arrested a student named Ángel Peai on charges of activities against the government.

According to Peai’s mother, Amilet Marrero, her son’s arrest arrested followed an argument between him and police agent Dennis Gilart over a personal matter during which she said her son was beaten.

The agent called for reinforcements and Peai was taken to the Cimarrones police station in Santiago de Cuba.

His mother said her son supported the revolution and had never before had problems with authorities.