Baseball player dropped by team for political reasons

Yorky la Rosa, one of the starters for the Villa Clara team in the Cuban baseball league was dropped by the team, presumably for political reasons, according to a resolution handed down March 27 in Santa Clara.

Sports writer and commentator Normando Hernández explained over provincial radio station CMHW: “Our ball players must be partisans of the Revolution, and they must be unconditionally loyal to Fidel and Raúl; otherwise Cuban fans, who are partisans of the Revolution, don't want to see them play.”

La Rosa, a left fielder and designated hitter for the team, is said to have wanted to remain on the team, but was dropped on the orders of José Luis Rabel, lieutenant colonel of the Department of State Security in charge of sports at the national level, presumably because La Rosa had been making arrangements to visit his wife who lives in Spain.