Dissidents ask to be imprisoned in show of solidarity

HAVANA, Cuba, March 24 (Asela Vega / – More than 30 dissidents went to five police stations in the capital on the anniversary of the arrest of the Group of 75 and asked that they be imprisoned themselves in an act of solidarity.

One of them, Dr. Darsi Ferrer, said the police at the Aguilera station knew beforehand of their planned activity March 18. “But they didn’t try to stop us,” he said. “On the contrary, they tried to avoid a scandal.”

Ferrer said that five of them spent several hours in front of the station. “That was the least we could do for our imprisoned brothers,” he said.

Most of the 75 remain imprisoned, serving sentences of up to 28 years for anti-government protests and other activities. They include independent jounrlaists and librarians.