March 20, 2008

Former political prisoner denied employment

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, March 20 (Licet Zamora, Cubanacán Press / – A government fish plant in Playa Victoria advised former political prisoner Rolando Ferrer that he was turned down for employment because he was not considered “trustworthy.”

When the Empresa de Acopio de la Pesca advised Ferrer March 15 that his job application was being denied, he sought an appointment with the human resources to find out why. He was told the Interior Ministry had determined he was not “trustworthy” because he had been imprisoned for anti-revolutionary activities.

He had been imprisoned in 2001 on charges of making public information affecting Cuba’s national security.

Anti-Castro epithets appear on walls of jail

RANCHUELO, Cuba, March 20 (Félix Reyes, Cubanacán Press / - Anti-Castro epithets appeared on the walls of the Alambrada de Manacas jail last week, prompting the questioning of eight prisoners.

One of the suspected prisoners named Rivera said in a telephone call that epithets saving “Down with Fidel” appeared in the dining room and were seen by many inmates.

River and seven other prisoners were taken to State Security headquarters in Santa Clara for questioning.