March 20 2009

Illegal cock fight raided

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, March 19 (Yoel Espinosa / – Police raided a clandestine cock fight, illegal in Cuba, and arrested 48 people last weekend, most of them owners.

Some 60 police officers, backed by patrol cars and paddy wagons, swooped in one the fight that took place near a factory on the outskirts of Santa Clara.

Carlos Díaz, an owner of a fighting cock, said police fired shots into the air as bettors and owners fled, leaving behind cars, bicycles and horse-drawn carriages.

He said those arrested were taken to police stations in the city and were fined and given warnings about future participation in cock fights.

Pasteurization plant closed by leak

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, March 19 (Yoel Espinosa / – The pasteurization plant in Santa Clara was closed last week because of a leak in the cooling system.

The escape of ammonia prompted the plant to halt all production of milk, yogurt, butter, cheese and ice cream, said plant manager Pablo Fernández.

Fresh milk sold under the ration book was replaced by powdered milk for those children under seven. Those from seven to 14 received a mixture of powdered milk, chocolate and sugar.

Fernández said repairs would take at least 10 days.

The plant supplies residents of Santa Clara, Manicaragua, Ranchuelo and Santo Domingo.