March 13 2009

Son of dissident arrested and fined

HAVANA, Cuba, March 13 (Reynaldo Cosano Alén, Sindical Press / - José Carlos Ramos, 29, was arrested on the street after admitting to the local police chief in Perico, Matanzas province, that he was the son of a known dissident.

“The officer went up to Ramos and asked him if he was the son of Rigoberto Ramos,” said Osvaldo Castillo, provincial delegate of the National Independent Works Confederation (CONIC). “Ramos said he was and was immediately arrested and taken to his house where 33 heads of garlic, 20 onions and a box of tomatoes were seized.”

Ramos was fined 500 pesos – a little more than the equivalent of the average monthly salary in Cuba – for selling without a license.

Ramos’s father is an official of the Ángel Cofiño independent union, affiliated with CONIC.

Three dissidents prevented from traveling

SANTA CLARA, Cuba March 13 (Guillermo Fariñas, Cubanacán Press / – State Security agents arrested dissidents Idania Yanes, Alejandro Tur and Félix Reyes this week when they were about to leave the city.

Yanes, president of the Central Opposotion Coalition (Coalición Central Opositora), said they were arrested Tuesday as she was leaving her home with Tur and Ramos. She said one of the agents said she and her colleagues were forbidden from traveling to the capital for a meeting of the opposition Transition Agenda group.

Yanes told the agents they were not planning to go to Havana but to Placetas to support three opposition strikers, Jorge Luis García Pérez and Iris and Diosiris Santana.

They were released after being held for four hours.