March 6 2009

Independent journalist released by police

HAVANA, Cuba, March 6 (Moises Leonardo Rodríguez / - Independent journalist Roberto de Jesús Guerra, accused of putting up anti-government posters, has been freed after four days of detention.

Guerra denied he had put up any posters, telling police he was a journalist. They said that as a journalist he should know who did the posting.

He was arrested March 1 and accused of putting up 11 posters in Central Havana and three in Old Havana.

Guerra said State Security agents questioned him eight times before he was released on Wednesday.

Guerra had been arrested in July of 2005 and held for seven months.

Political prisoner placed in solitary confinement

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, March 6 (Guillermo Fariñas, Cubanacán Press / - Political prisoner Pedro Argüelles, 60, has been put in solitary confinement at the Canaleta Prison in Ciego de Ávila province for refusing to wear the same clothing as common criminals.

Fellow prisoner Pablo Pacheco said Argüelles had asked Lt. Col. Reinerio Díaz, head of the prison, that he be placed in the infirmary because he was feeling ill. Pacheco said the colonel told Guerra he’d first have to put on the uniform of a common prisoner, whereupon Argüelles said he was a political prisoner with the right to wear clothing unlike that of common prisoners.

Pacheco said Argüelles was placed in solitary confinement after arguing with the colonel. He has been serving a 20-year sentence since 2003.