March 02 2009

Inmate of AIDS prison reported beaten

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, March 2 (Guillermo Fariñas, Cubanacán Press / – Inmate Ignacio Isain was beaten by a re-educator at the Santa Clara Territorial AIDS Prison, according to another prisoner.

Omar Ferreira said Robles asked guards February 22 to use a telephone because he was worried about an ailing relative and it was his to make calls. He said re-educator Sub. Lt. Nelson Gama took a rubber truncheon from a guard and beat Robles, saying, “Shut up! Here we’re the only ones who can give permission.”

Ferreira said Robles asked to be taken to the prison hospital but was placed in solitary confinement instead.

Pitcher who tried to leave Cuba begins training

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, March 2 (Licet Zamora, Cubanacán Press / - Villa Clara team pitcher Juan Yasser Serrano, 19, who was detained for allegedly trying to leave Cuba, has started to train at the local Augusto César Sandino stadium.

Family members accompanied Yasser to a meeting with the Provincial Baseball Commission where they presented a State Security document stating there were no charges pending against the player and no investigation underway. The document said Yasser had been interrogated.

Former trainer Luis Artiles said he was told Cuban baseball authorities have not yet taken a decision on whether Yasser can resume playing.