Feb. 26 2009

Brothers to the Rescue victims honored

HOLGUÍN, Cuba, February 26 (José Ramón Pupo Nieves – Holguín Press / ) – A homage took place Tuesday to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the deaths of four pilots from Brothers to the Rescue whose planes were shot down by the Cuban air force.

The event took place in the home of María Antonia Hidalgo Mir, vicepresident of the Latin American Federation of Rural Women (FLAMUR). Four white candles were lit to honor Mario de la Peña, Carlos Costa, Pablo Morales and Armando Alejandre.

Dissident José Escobar Sánchez, president of the Gustavo Arcos Bergnes Movement, retold what happened February 24, 1996, when the Miami-based planes were intercepted.

Potatoes on sale again after shortages

HAVANA, Cuba, February 26 (Frank Correa / – After months of not being available, potatoes went on sale in state markets this week for those using ration books.

The administrator of the “El Puesto” market in Jaimanitas, north of Havana, wrote on a blackboard that buyers would be limited to one pound of potatoes upon presentation of the ration book.

The presentation of the ration book for the purchase of potatoes had generally been ignored in the past, but was reintroduced due to food shortages caused by hurricanes last year.