Feb. 25 2009

Fires damage sugar cane fields

MORON, Cuba, February 25 (Kallan Poe, APLA / There have been several fires, possibly arson, this month in sugar cane fields of the nearby Chillante cooperative. There have been no arrests.

The fires have prevented the workers involved from reaching the goals set by the government.

According to experts, February and March are the months when the sugar canes have the highest sugar content.

Two injured in collapse of apartment building

HAVANA, Cuba, February 25 (Leafar Pérez / –An elderly woman and her brother were injured last week when a three-story apartment building collapsed.

Although the building in the Marianao district had been declared uninhabitable in 1997, its 12 apartments were still occupied because of a housing shortage in Havana.

Firemen and police managed to rescue all the inhabitants February 20, but Juana Domínguez and her brother Ángel Luis were injured.

According to state statistics, an average of three buildings a day collapse in the capital.

Co-workers protest arrest of two bus drivers

HAVANA, Cuba, February 25 (Leafar Pérez / –Protests broke out last week when police arrested two bus drivers for allegedly pocketing fares.

Jorge Díaz Carmona and Pedro Dondique, drivers for state Ómnibus Metropolitanos, were arrested at the end of their routes. Other drivers threatened to go on strike in protest. They shouted “Abusers!” and “Murderers!” at the police as they tried to prevent the arrests.

The pair was fined 500 pesos each – the equivalent of just over the average monthly salary in Cuba – for alleged “manipulation of state funds.”