Feb. 23 2009

Three dissidents lose government jobs

HAVANA, Cuba, February 23 (Frank Correa / - Arturo Montgomery, spokesman for the New Republic Movement, says two of its members were fired from their jobs with government entities because they participated in a protest march in Santiago de las Vegas.

Montgomery identified the pair as Luis Jesús Gutiérrez and Agustín García. He said Gutiérrez worked for Empresa de Medios Ópticos y Audiovisuales in Havana and Garciá for the Health Ministry in an anti-mosquito campaign. The firings occurred February 11.

Their work records say they were let go because their participation in the anti-government march showed they were not trustworthy.

Religious pilgrims prevented from boarding ferry

HAVANA, Cuba, February 23 (Frank Correa / – Seventeen activists were prevented by State Security agents from boarding a ferry to participate in a religious pilgrimage, according to the New Republic Movement

The movement’s spokesman, Arturo Montgomery, said he and the other members were taken to a police station and questioned after being stopped February 8 en route to the Church of the Virgin of Regla. He said 30 agents were ay the dock.

He said an agent nicknamed Armored Tank told them he could “disappear” all of them if they continued anti-government activities.