A Boca Raton woman was in the crowd during Bastille Day attack

Kayla Repan
Kayla Repan AP Video

A Boca Raton woman was among those watching the Bastille Day fireworks in Nice when a truck plowed into the crowd, killing dozens.

Kayla Repan was with her fiancé and friends at the time of the attack.

“It’s just, I’m just still shaken,” Repan said in a video obtained by The Associated Press. “It felt like in the moment there was just so much shock, and you know I guess we’re still in shock a little bit, but it took a while for us to just, I feel like all my emotions I’m just sort of releasing now.”

More than 80 were killed and scores critically injured in the attack, which authorities are calling an act of terrorism.

“I just saw someone running and screaming,” Repan said. “We had heard, I think I heard what I thought was fireworks still. I mean the fireworks show had ended, but we just assumed they were fireworks still going off, but then really shortly after that I saw people running and you know we didn’t at this point have any idea what we were running from.”

Repan, media director for Herman Law according to her Linkedin account, was vacationing in Nice when the attack occurred.

“You know we’re not locals so we didn’t know where we were going, if we were going towards something, I mean it seemed like everyone was running, you know, we were running away from something but we were just turning down alleys and kind of looking for somewhere that might be safe,” Repan said.

Repan and her friends eventually took shelter in a nearby restaurant.

“A lot of the shops started closing the doors, so we went into a restaurant,” she said. “I asked them right outside, I mean they had just closed the door, and I was like ‘Please let us in,’ so we ran into this restaurant and stayed in there for a little bit.”