She went to jail for sex so loud it shook the neighbor’s bed

Amanda Warfel
Amanda Warfel York Daily Record

Calling your neighbor’s children racist names? Small problem, say the neighbors. Having sex at You-Shook-Me-All-Night-Long AC/DC concert volume? Big problem.

That’s according to reports out of York County, where Amanda Warfel, of Red Lion, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty Thursday to disorderly conduct because of her cacophonous coitus, the York Daily Record reported. Warfel received a sentence of 45 to 90 days.

This charge stemmed from sex so loud the Pennsylvania State Police said it shook a dresser and bed in the adjoining rowhouse, in the bedroom where Tanya Saylor’s teenage daughters slept.

That charge isn’t to be confused with Feb. 28 harassment and disorderly conduct charges to which Warfel pleaded guilty in April. Those come from Warfel making racist comments to Saylor’s 15-year-old daughter and refusing to turn loud music down despite requests from the Saylors, according to another York Daily Record story.

Tanya Saylor told reporters that she and her husband — she’s white, he’s African-American —counsel their kids against taking racist comments seriously. But the other derogatory language from Warfel plus the explicit sexual sounds gave Saylor’s children more carnal exposure than their parents desired. Also, the newspaper reported, it affected the teenage Saylor girls’ nighttime sleep so much that state police twice wrote notes to the school so their lateness would be excused.

Saylor said she tried to work things out with Warfel during the first year after they moved into the rowhouse. Instead, Warfel grew more belligerent and noisier.

Thursday, the newspaper reported, Warfel said she wished her neighbors were in court.

“I wanted to apologize,” Warfel said.

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