Cops: Man with baseball bat stops father from killing 2-year-old girl

When Don Gilbert heard screaming while at a motel in Vancouver, Washington on Tuesday night, he didn’t even think before grabbing his baseball bat and walking outside.

He walked out and saw Kyle Holder, 32, beating and kicking his 2-year-old daughter in the parking lot of the motel, according to KPTV.

Witnesses said Holder had thrown the toddler out the window of the motel and into the cement walkway. He then picked her up, threw her head on the ground several times and started stomping on her head, according to court documents.

When Gilbert saw the child was out of Holder’s grasp and on the ground, he moved in with the bat, according to KPTV.

“I hit him once in the back. He had the baby by his feet,” Gilbert told the TV station. “He took her to the curb and just slammed her down, and that’s when I cracked him in the skull three or four times.”

Law enforcement said they had to use a taser on the man, who was out of control when they arrived on scene. A police report says Holder was looking to kill his daughter.

“I did not want to kill her, but I had to,” Holder told investigators. “I had to hold my daughter and crush her head so she could go up to the sky.”

Deputies had received a complaint about Holder earlier in the day, according to KPTV, but did not arrest him.

Holder is facing charges for attempted murder. The 2-year-old girl is in critical condition.