Interracial couples fight racist backlash to Old Navy ad

This Old Navy ad has prompted a flurry of anger on social media.
This Old Navy ad has prompted a flurry of anger on social media. Old Navy

It was supposed to be a simple announcement of a sale – 30 percent off your purchase at Old Navy.

But the photo of a couple – a white man and a black woman – in the ad spawned a full-blown race war on Twitter.

On one side: People offended by the sight of an interracial couple.

On the other: People angry at the people who were offended at the sight of an interracial couple.

Here’s the ad that started it all.

The angry folks were some of the first to comment on Twitter. Some even threatened to boycott the store because of the ad.

Others used a word that is rarely used anymore, “miscegenation,” which refers to the mixing of races through marriage or sexual relations.

The negative comments unleashed a flood of support for the ad, prompting dozens of interracial couples to tweet photos of themselves.

Some used hashtags like #LoveIsBlind and #LoveWins.

Messages of support for Old Navy, which has not commented on the backlash, far outweighed the detractors.

Even the model featured in the ad, Grace Mahary, weighed in on Instagram.

“In light of the controversy revolving around my pretend family... I am proud to be representing interracial love, multiculturalism, and most importantly, a mentality that supports opportunity for all ethnicities.”

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