Firefighter shot as blaze sets off ammunition in mobile home, Oklahoma officials say

An Oklahoma firefighter battling a blaze was seriously hurt last weekend after a fire at a mobile home full of ammunition ignited the bullets and he was hit, officials said on Facebook.

Latimer County Emergency Management said firefighter Lyle Walker-Pugh of the Buffalo Valley Fire Department was battling the blaze when he was

struck in the head and face. A Facebook fundraiser post said the bullet struck him in the eye and “traveled around in his head, exiting behind his ear.”

A GoFundMe account for Walker-Pugh and his family said the firefighter also suffered a “fractured skull and brain bleed.”

Walker-Pugh’s condition is unknown, but doctors “believe the bleed has stopped, so they removed his vent,” the GoFundMe account page said. It said he lost his eye.

Latimer County emergency officials also reported Chief Larry Kennedy was released from the hospital on Tuesday, per an update on their Facebook account. He was reportedly admitted after being “so upset he started having chest pains.”

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