Watch man try to exit parking deck the wrong way — and cause drunken havoc, SC cops say

The man in the video pulls up the wrong way to a parking garage and tries first to get a ticket and open the gate to get out. Then he tries lifting the gate, but it falls back down. For his final act, the man tries to put the SUV in drive, and go around the car to lift the gate as the car crashes into a sign.

The old rule “you break it, you buy it” definitely applies to the parking garages in the City of Greenville, South Carolina, the city said on Facebook. The city shared the video of real life imitating slapstick comedy Wednesday.

“Please take caution when entering and exiting one of our 9 City of Greenville garages. It will only slow you down to take the arm with you!” the city said on Facebook.

It was, as the Greenville Police Department put it, a serious “parking garage fail.”

Greenville police said officers were called out to the parking deck in the early hours of May 17 and found the man in his car.

“GPD patrol officers arrived and quickly suspected the driver had been drinking alcohol. Video surveillance footage showed a bizarre series of attempts by the individual to exit the garage through the entry gates without paying- all to avoid paying a small parking fee,” the department said on Facebook.

“The result? Damage to city property, the vehicle, and his bank account. The driver was arrested and charged with DUI-1st offense,” Greenville police said.

Police arrested 20-year-old Samuel Thomas Painter of Simpsonville for DUI in connection with the attempted wrong-way exit from the parking garage, WSPA and Fox Carolina report.

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