Sex toys and creepy mail came for 10 years. It was an ex-classmate with a grudge, N.J. cops say

Ronald Murphy, 47, went to high school with the stalking victim, police said. They graduated in 1988.
Ronald Murphy, 47, went to high school with the stalking victim, police said. They graduated in 1988. Evesham Township Police Department

Hell hath no fury like a high school classmate scorned.

For almost 10 years, a woman in Evesham Township, New Jersey, received mysterious messages and packages in the mail — and she had no idea who they were from, township police said. The puzzling letters and anonymous gifts arrived a few times a year.

But recently, the intermittent stalking and harassment began to get worse and worse, she said. Fake Craigslist ads started to pop up in the "women seeking women" personals section listing the woman’s cell phone number, police told the Courier-Post. The stalker also began dropping “gifts” like unwanted sex toys at the woman’s home and workplace, the woman said.

The woman finally went to police to report the harassment on May 18, police said. Still, the woman said she had no idea who could be targeting her — let alone what the stalker’s motivation could be.

It didn’t take investigators long to find out, though. Detectives subpoenaed records from websites and internet service providers, and got clues that pointed a suspect: Ronald Murphy, 47, who had gone to high school with the woman.

They graduated together in 1988, police said.

Murphy, a Philadelphia resident, was arrested on June 11 and taken to the Burlington County Jail. Investigators made the arrest after they interviewed Murphy and he confessed to everything, according to police.

Murphy faces fourth-degree stalking charges, police said.

The woman was “completely surprised” to learn of the suspected stalker’s identity, Lt. Joseph Friel of the Evesham Police Department said.

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And the stalking was worse than the woman knew, police said.

Four times each month in recent years, Murphy would drive past the woman’s home trying to catch a peek of her, he confessed to police. Murphy said he “has a hatred towards her” because she “bullied” him in high school, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by the Courier-Post.

Murphy is being held without bail, police said.

Kylan Scheele put his school, Truman High in Independence, up for sale on Craigslist as a senior prank. The school saw it as a credible threat, and now Scheele is not allowed to participate in graduation.

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